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Concussion Signs After A Car Accident

When you think concussion, your first thought may be a football injury. However, twenty percent of traumatic brain injuries are caused by football and other contact-related sports. Car accidents are actually responsible for twenty-eight percent of traumatic brain injuries. This … Continue reading

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Can Your HOA Ban Political Yard Signs?

Imagine it’s 7:00 PM and after working hard all day today, you have just finished making a delicious dinner.  You sit down with your family, and then… RING! RING! RING! The phone is ringing and you have a choice—get up … Continue reading

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5 Signs You May Have Salmonella from Pasha Mediterranean Grill

If you are in San Antonio, odds are, you have heard about the Salmonella outbreak linked to Pasha Mediterranean Grill.  What started out with more cases of Salmonella than normal has now skyrocketed into dangerous proportions. And it only is … Continue reading

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5 Early Warning Signs To Quit Your Job

Early warning signs to quit your job may be so subtle that you miss them. This is especially true if you have drifted into job complacency. As an in-house attorney, you need to remain vigilant in the job market. If … Continue reading

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Signs of Being Under Investigation

Whether you are a federal contractor, a government employee, or an individual associated with some level of federal involvement, you may be shocked to learn that you are under investigation by the federal government. Unfortunately, the government does its homework … Continue reading

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