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DealBook: Falling Markets Show Trump the Other Side of the Tax Stimulus

If stocks continue to fall, it won’t be because the president’s tax policies are failing, but because they may overheat the economy, spurring inflation. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar Treatment Side Effects, and Disability Discrimination Law in New Jersey

Most people have heard the term “bipolar disorder,” or perhaps the older descriptor “manic depression,” but they may not know exactly how common the disorder truly is. The National Institute of Mental Health’s website reports that bipolar disorder, which is … Continue reading

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Texas Girl, 6, Experiences Hallucinations, Rare Side Effects from Tamiflu Medication

According to CBS 11, a six-year-old girl in Allen, Texas, suffered from hallucinations after taking Tamiflu to treat her influenza diagnosis. The girl’s parents say she ran away from her school and believe that she tried to crawl out of … Continue reading

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The Dark Side of Drones

There is no doubt that drones are going to drastically improve our lives. Drones are already being used to deliver medical supplies in third-world countries, survey land, film live events, assist police in investigations and surveillance, inspect tall buildings and … Continue reading

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See Ya on the Other Side…

And Liz will be back in a few months… – Broc Romanek Read more detail on Recent Banking and Finance Law posts –

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