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The Selfish Side of Self-Reporting: Should We Trust the Numbers Behind Music Streaming?

Music consumers love streaming services. The data surrounding subscriptions and revenue tells us so. Largely self-reporting systems, however, have made it more complicated to quantify that success. Can we trust companies to embrace transparency when their own interests rely so … Continue reading

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Social Security Lawyers Always by Your Side

Social Security Lawyers Always by Your Side Source: Flickr Social Security disability attorney will just be at his client’s side all along the way. The attorney would help him determine what benefits they are eligible for incase they have suffered … Continue reading

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Another Side of Medical Malpractice – Medical Device Liability

When discussing injuries that arise from medical treatment, people typically think in terms of a standard medical malpractice case: the doctor or hospital was negligent in providing care in some way which leads to the patient’s injury. However, even when … Continue reading

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Story Recounts Personal Side of Court-Ordered Medical Treatment of Child

The Cleveland Plain Dealer today has a lengthy account of the personal emotions involved in a court clash between parents and doctors over the treatment of a 14-year old girl with a brain tumor.  The story details the difficult decisions … Continue reading

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DPP-4 Diabetes Drug Side Effects Include Heart Attacks And Strokes As Well As Heart Failure

Onglyza, Nesina, Januvia, and Tradjenta Are Included In This Popular Class Of Type-2 Diabetes Medications   (Posted by Tom Lamb at DrugInjuryWatch.com)   In April 2016 the FDA took regulatory action by mandating label changes with new warnings about an … Continue reading

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