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Hunton Insurance Lawyers Discuss Event Cancellation Insurance in the Wake of the Government Shutdown

In an Expert Analysis recently published in Law360, Hunton insurance recovery attorneys Sergio Oehninger and Latosha Ellis discuss the many ways that event cancellation insurance can help mitigate loss caused by government shutdowns and other disruptive events.  A copy of … Continue reading

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In a Justice Department Shutdown, Some Agencies Can Still Litigate

This most recent government shutdown was the longest ever, but it was only partial. Many agencies—including the U.S. Departments of Energy, Defense, Labor, and others—had already received appropriations for 2019. Those agencies continued to operate normally—except when they were affected … Continue reading

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Park Service will not use entrance fees to pay for shutdown operations

The Hill: “The National Park Service (NPS) will retroactively pull from congressionally appropriated funds to pay for the park maintenance and other operations the Trump administration authorized during the partial government shutdown, according to an internal NPS memo obtained by … Continue reading

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IRS Publishes Frequently Asked Questions About Resumption of Tax Court Cases Following Shutdown

As part of its continuing guidance to taxpayers and practitioners about how its resumption of activities following the government shutdown is impacting pending matters, the Internal Revenue Service has published Frequently Asked Questions (entitled “IRS Update on Shutdown Impact on … Continue reading

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Can the Stress of a Government Shutdown Lead to Divorce?

Can a strained marriage and the stress of a government shutdown lead to divorce? There is no doubt about it: Stress has an impact on relationships, and it is generally not a positive impact. So, if you are one of … Continue reading

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