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Conference on IP Enforcement at Trade Shows, UNLV, October 4, 2018 (Guest Blog Post)

by guest blogger Marketa Trimble The practice of IP law fascinates IP law enthusiasts, and it can be stimulating for others as well. The practice has even been considered exciting enough for IP lawyers to be portrayed in a sophisticated beer … Continue reading

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Comcast Bid 16% More Than Disney for 21st Century Fox, Filing Shows

Although its rebuffed proposal was higher on a per-share basis, Comcast didn’t offer protection if a deal was blocked, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Sweet tooth gene shows sugar is not always a villain | Cosmos

How come your friend eats what she wants and never gets fat but you tuck into the carbs and up go the kilos? She may have been blessed with version A of the FGF21 gene. People with this gene seem … Continue reading

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Recent Story Shows Need for Title Insurance, Competent Legal Advice

A March 11, 2018 story in the Pensacola News Journal involving two sisters who inherited their childhood home from their mother in 2002 may have lost their property due to a clerical error.  Records indicate the Lot purchased by their … Continue reading

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Has Europe turned into the Eastern District of Texas? New study shows NPE activity has risen 19% year-on-year

Are the rain clouds of US NPE litigation gatheringover Europe and will Brussels act?  Does Europe have a patent troll problem? It depends on who you ask and if you think trolls, non-practicing entities (NPEs) or patent assertion entities (PAEs), or … Continue reading

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