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Matthew Willens Interviewed by Shalom Klein on Get Down To Business Radio Show

Shalom: Welcome back to Get Down to Business. I’m thrilled to be joined in studio by the dynamic duo, but I’m thrilled to be joined by Matt Willens, personal injury attorney—rated among the top personal injury attorneys in Chicago. Matt, … Continue reading

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Zazzle injunction reversed: irreparable harm is hard to show

Greg Young Pub’g, Inc. v. Zazzle, Inc., No. 16-cv-04587 (C.D. Cal. Feb. 8, 2018)After a jury trial finding Zazzle liable for copyright infringement for producing goods with user-uploaded images, the court granted a preliminary injunction. Here, it vacates that injunction … Continue reading

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Passenger Rights During A Traffic Stop in Illinois | Do Passengers in a Traffic Stop Need to Show ID?

In this article, we explain passenger rights in a traffic stop in Illinois. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that passengers in a vehicle which has been stopped by police have been “seized” for purposes of asserting their fourth … Continue reading

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Order to Show Cause to Provide Feedback on This Blog

—————————————————————– In re the Application of ROB LAPLACA, d/b/a www.YouMightBeaWinner.com: Petitioner —————————————————————– SUPERIOR COURT OFTHE BLOGOSPHERE  JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF LEGAL BLOGS ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE TOPROVIDE FEEDBACK ON THIS BLOG   WHEREAS, this blog (the “Blog”) started in 2016 and … Continue reading

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DealBook: Falling Markets Show Trump the Other Side of the Tax Stimulus

If stocks continue to fall, it won’t be because the president’s tax policies are failing, but because they may overheat the economy, spurring inflation. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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