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When Should I Discuss a Prenuptial Agreement With My Partner?

Preparing for a wedding is a time of love and happiness. Discussions about the location of the wedding, who to invite, and the potential of children down the road can all be fun conversations. However, some discussions are much more … Continue reading

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Why Should You Work with a Special Needs Planning Attorney in Virginia?

Why Should You Work with a Special Needs Planning Attorney in Virginia? Parents of children with special needs in Virginia face unique challenges and obligations when raising their kids.  On top of physical therapy, occupational therapy, IEPs, and any of … Continue reading

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Should the USEPA have a “Help Wanted” List Rather than a “Most Wanted” List?

That is the opinion of Steven Milloy, a junk science expert and the publisher of Junk Science.com. Mr. Milloy writes: It’s little wonder why the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list doesn’t include anyone accused of breaking federal environmental laws. It’s hard… … Continue reading

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More Law Student Division leaders you should know: The Editorial Board

In the past few issues, we introduced you to the leaders of the ABA Law Student Division Council, in addition to the LSD’s education director. The council also includes a board that’s led by an appointed editor-in-chief and comprises seven … Continue reading

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Startup or Small Business Strapped For Cash? Why the R&D Tax Credit Should Be On Your Radar

For startups or small businesses in the early stages of growth, success hinges on the ability to generate short-term cash flow and operating capital. In navigating the myriad of financing options, businesses frequently overlook a potential non-dilutive source of funding: … Continue reading

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