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Five Things You Should Do After a Georgia Car Wreck

In the aftermath of a Georgia car wreck, many people are shocked and confused about what to do. Although most of us will be involved in a wreck at some point in our lives, few of us are prepared for … Continue reading

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Litigants Have to Disclose Insurance, Does That Mean Litigation Financing Should be Disclosed, Too?

One of the hot topics in the litigation arena these day is the question of whether or not litigants should be obliged to disclose their litigation funding arrangements to opposing parties. Indeed, as discussed here, last month three U.S. senators … Continue reading

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Should the President’s tweets create a “public forum”?

You might be aware that the President of the United States has a Twitter account. You might not be aware that each time he uses the account to post information about government business, the President opens a new “public forum” … Continue reading

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Should Cyclists in Georgia Ride in the Same Direction as Traffic?

Cyclists in Georgia are extremely vulnerable. Many parts of the state are not bike friendly. However, we sometimes see riders putting themselves in greater harm by failing to abide by the rules. Many drivers have experienced a cyclist heading toward … Continue reading

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Trucking Accidents: 5 Things You Should Know if You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident with Semi-Tractor Trailer

The number of semi trucks on the road has been steadily increasing and along with it, an increase in the number of fatal crashes and crashes causing injuries involving semi trucks. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2016, … Continue reading

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