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Who should control the 1500-year old monastery manuscript of the Garima Gospels?

Probably like most Kat readers, this Kat enjoys visiting a museum that displays a piece of art from an earlier place and time. True, advances in reproduction and digitization enable us to come closer and closer to the real thing, but … Continue reading

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Distracted Driving Inaction By Massachusetts House: Members So Blind They Should Never Drive

The media has been doing a lot of broadcasting and publishing recently – very justifiably – on the subject of the Massachusetts Legislature’s shameful failure to act promptly in passing a revised distracted driving bill in this state. In the … Continue reading

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Why you should still support Costa Rica for the World Cup

Sloths have become the national symbol. Some kind of metaphor?Perhaps you only follow football every four years. Perhaps you come from Italy / Holland / USA / Jamaica / Chile / China / Greece / Ghana / Ireland [Delete as … Continue reading

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The Selfish Side of Self-Reporting: Should We Trust the Numbers Behind Music Streaming?

Music consumers love streaming services. The data surrounding subscriptions and revenue tells us so. Largely self-reporting systems, however, have made it more complicated to quantify that success. Can we trust companies to embrace transparency when their own interests rely so … Continue reading

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Wire Fraud: What You Should Know

One of the most commonly prosecuted federal crimes is wire fraud. There a variety of activities that fall under the classification of wire fraud, which often goes hand in hand with mail fraud. A conviction on wire fraud charges can … Continue reading

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