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When Should You Use a Forensic Accountant?

Forensic accountants analyze financial records to not only understand what the documents say, but also what information might be missing or misleading. They read “between the lines” to help identify inconsistencies, finding hidden assets, or discover omissions and outright fraud. … Continue reading

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[Ilya Somin] Should We Let Children Vote? The Troubling Implications of Standard Reasons for Rejecting a Flawed Idea

Few will agree with Cambridge political scientist David Runciman's proposal to lower the voting age to 6. But standard reasons for rejecting the idea raise serious questions about many adult voters, too. Prominent British political scientist David Runciman argues that … Continue reading

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Ancora v HTC: Why You Should Draft Patents That Emphasize Technical Solutions

Last week, in Ancora Technologies v HTC America, the Federal Circuit reversed a lower court’s invalidity ruling under 35 USC §101 by concluding that Ancora’s claimed subject matter was concrete—not abstract—because it assigned specific functions to specific parts of a … Continue reading

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Texas Appellate Court Reverses Sexual Harassment Award, Saying Jury Should Have Been Allowed to Hear About Consensual Nature of Relationship

In most Dallas sexual harassment cases, the parties are both of age – that is, above the age of 18. Sometimes, however, the complaining party is underage, leading to additional complications. Such was the case recently, when a mother brought … Continue reading

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SG's Supplemental Knick Brief: No Fifth Amendment Violation If Govt Does Not Admit To A Taking, But Property Owners Should Still Be Able To Come To Federal Court Anyway To "Vindicate" The Right To Compensation

As we wrote in this post, the federal government''s position in Knick v. Township of Scott, No. 17-647, which is set for reargument next month, has us a bit perplexed. On one hand, the SG's bottom line is good: property … Continue reading

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