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Major Technology Companies No Longer Require Arbitration in Sexual Harassment Cases

Litigation is perhaps the most well-known method of dealing with legal disputes, but it is not the only method. Our legal system increasingly encourages would-be litigants to use alternative dispute resolution (ADR) before, or instead of, going to court. Many … Continue reading

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Nursing Home Residents with Dementia Cannot Consent to Sexual Relationships

People with mental health conditions that impact their ability to make decisions cannot consent to sexual relations. To allow elderly residents with dementia to engage in intimate relations in a nursing home under the guise that it is “consensual,” and … Continue reading

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Differing Approach to Sexual Harassment by Congress and the Federal Courts

Taxpayers will no longer be forced to pick up the tab for settlements resulting from the sexual harassment and retaliation of interns and staff by members of the U.S. Congress. The news media reported Wednesday that House and Senate negotiators  … Continue reading

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Dismissal Motion Denied in Sexual Misconduct-Related Securities Suit

One of the things that has happened in the wake of revelations of high-profile sexual misconduct as part of the #MeToo movement has been the rise of D&O litigation following after the revelations. However, this type of sexual misconduct follow-on … Continue reading

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Columbia University Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault by Gynecologist

“We need to hold institutions accountable…this can’t just be a hashtag. It has to be real action and the way to do that is through changes in our legal system.”  -Melissa Hoechstetter, victim of Robert Hadden, former Columbia University gynecologist … Continue reading

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