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Seventh Circuit Applies Ministerial Exception to Hebrew Teacher at Jewish School

Steven D. Schwinn, John Marshall Law School The Seventh Circuit ruled this week that the First Amendment's ministerial exception barred a Hebrew teacher's Americans with Disabilities Act claim against her employer, a Jewish school. The ruling is the first time… … Continue reading

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Seventh Circuit Says West Can Resell State Drivers License Records To Authorized Users

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that it's OK for West Publishing to acquire driver's license records, store them in a bulk database, and resell that information to authorized users. West was on the receiving end of a… … Continue reading

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The Seventh Circuit Reminds Us That Loss Is Not Equal To Restitition (also, pleading open has benefits).

Tomas Leiskunas, a man who "at 26 years old . . . had a minor criminal history and at least two aliases," was charged with being a straw purchaser in a mortgage fraud scheme in the federal district court in … Continue reading

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Seventh Circuit Weighs in on Circuit Split Over Sentencing Illegal Reentrants

Section 2L1.2 of the federal sentencing guidelines covers illegal reentry into the United States. The guideline provides for a whopping sixteen-level enhancement for a prior drug-trafficking conviction for which the sentence imposed exceeded thirteen months in prison. It is not … Continue reading

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Playing Twom-bal: Seventh Circuit Upholds Price-Fixing Complaint

Do you text? You know — that typey thing you do with your mobile phone. Choose the number you want to send a message to, key in the words, hit send and — presto — the text goes over the … Continue reading

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