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What do Generic Drug Patent Settlements Say about Patent Quality?

An interesting study about Orange Book patents challenged both under Hatch-Waxman and Inter Partes Review caught my eye this week, but perhaps not for the ordinary reasons. One of the hot topics in drug patent challenges today is reverse payments: … Continue reading

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Florida Court Adopts Delaware’s Strict Standard for Review of Disclosure-Only Settlements

In a series of rulings that culminated in the January 2016 decision in the Trulia case, the Delaware courts evinced their hostility to the disclosure-only settlements that so often characterize the resolution of merger objection lawsuits. Since that time claimants … Continue reading

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Executors Can Count On Long, Arduous Estate Settlements

The typical size of an estate at time of settlement is between $50,000 and $250,000, with about 11% falling below $10,000 or more than a million. According to a survey of 1200 people by EstateExec, a company based in the… … Continue reading

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Structured Settlements 101: Making the Most of Your Settlements

Structured settlements are regularly overlooked as a viable and valuable option for funding a settlement. They are commonly perceived as extremely complicated and the potential benefits are often overshadowed by the temptation of a large lump sum payout. However, in … Continue reading

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ISS Releases List of Top 25 Canadian Securities Class Action Settlements

Readers undoubtedly are familiar with ISS Securities Class Action Services’ annual report on the Top 100 Securities Class Action Settlements, focusing on the largest U.S. securities lawsuit settlements. The most recent Top 100 report is discussed here. ISS Securities Class … Continue reading

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