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“Getting” Serious: Religious Divorce in Israel

Jeremy D. MorleyA firestorm has arisen in Israel after a man who has been sanctioned by a rabbinical court in Haifa was allowed to enter the Knesset this week, upon the invitation of a right-wing American-born Israeli politician. Divorce in … Continue reading

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Multiple Charges of DUI with Serious Bodily Injury from Single Crash in Logan Utah

A Logan, Utah man was arrested for automobile homicide and multiple charges of DUI with serious bodily injury after a single crash that killed one man and injured two others. DUI with fatality 25 year old Bradley Matthew Thompkins was … Continue reading

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High School Choir, Band Involved in Serious Bus Crash

A bus carrying band and choir groups from a North Carolina high school was involved in a serious crash while returning home from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Details of the Bus Crash According to WRAL, the crash occurred near … Continue reading

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Food Truck’s Propane Tank Explodes, Causing Serious Injuries

Many people associate propane tank explosions with grills and malfunctioning water heaters at a person’s house. However, with the rise in trendy food trucks, these incidents are also occurring on those vehicles as well. When a propane tanks explodes, establishing … Continue reading

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Sydney Man Sustains Serious Facial Injuries During Cruise Brawl

Lately, violence aboard cruises has reached an all-time high. Every few days, it seems, there is another report of a brawl at sea. So it may come as no surprise that this month, another physical altercation broke out between two … Continue reading

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