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Legal Separation, Annulment, and Divorce: What Is the Difference?

Marriage is a legal union between two people, but when one or both of those people no longer wish to be in the marriage, they may feel it is necessary to get a divorce. However, there are other steps couples … Continue reading

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Over 1,000 Rejected Asylum Seekers May Get Second Chance In Family Separation Cases

From The Washington Post: As many as 1,000 asylum seekers whose claims were heard and rejected by the government under traumatic circumstances of family separation will get a second chance under an agreement announced late Wednesday. While the government did… … Continue reading

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Texas Immigration Case Could Influence Family Separation Lawsuit

As individuals across the country continue to debate the federal government’s newly-rescinded policy of separating minor children from their immigrant parents at the border, a Texas immigration case could impact the ultimate outcome of the controversy. Although the issue is … Continue reading

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Divorce or Separation? Play Nice!

It is easy to fall into the trap of making nasty remarks and selfish grabs for power and material possessions when going through a divorce or separation. After all, chances are you have some pretty big chasms of perspective when … Continue reading

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What is Legal Separation Prior to Divorce in Georgia?

Legal separation prior to divorce is a status the parties must reach to file for divorce in Georgia. Many people believe this means the parties must be physically separated. However, this is not the case. Unlike many states, Georgia does … Continue reading

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