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Case o' The Week: Government's Pleas Fall on Skeptical Ninth Ears – Armando Vera and Use of Co-D Plea Agreements at Sentencing

 If at first you don’t succeed, Find a co-d, make him plead, Use co-D’s plea to prove your fact, Then up to the Ninth, who sends you back.United States v. Armando Vera, 2018 WL 3097956 (9thCir. June 25, 2018), decision available here.Players: Decision … Continue reading

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Bagaric & Isham on Publicity and Condemnation in Sentencing

Mirko Bagaric and Peter Isham (Director of the Evidence-Based Sentencing and Criminal Justice Project, Swinburne University Law School and Northwestern University, School of Law, Students) have posted A Rational Approach to the Role of Publicity and Condemnation in the Sentencing… … Continue reading

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Mass Sentencing Reversed on Appeal

As a former state-level public defender, I'm very aware that I'm in a minority in the legal academy. In my experience, among those law professors who have litigation experience, most have worked almost entirely in federal court.  Most of our … Continue reading

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Atlantic States Sentencing Begins

The USDOJ issued a press release yesterday regarding the sentencing schedule in the Atlantic States case. On Monday, April 20, 2009, John Prisque, the former plant manager of the Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Co. at Phillipsburg (a division of… … Continue reading

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Another Clean Water Act Sentencing

Yesterday, April 22, 2009, Michael Panyard, the former general manager of Comprehensive Environmental Solutions Inc. in Dearborn, Mich., was sentenced to fifteen (15) months in prison, two years of supervised release and was ordered to participate in a comprehensive drug… … Continue reading

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