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California Radiologist Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Custody for Alleged Workers’ Comp Fraud

Federal prosecutors are much more likely to prosecute health care fraud involving private insurance companies than they were years ago. A recent case involved workers' compensation insurance and no Medicare or Medicaid or Medi-Cal. This case also shows the perils … Continue reading

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After Losing At Trial, Mississippi Physician Sentenced to 42 Months in Prison for Role in Prescribing Allegedly Medically Unnecessary Compounded Medications to Patients and for Falsifying Patient Records to Make it Appear He Had Examined Them Before Prescribing

Physicians who consider "telemedicine" or writing prescriptions to patients they have not physically seen or any other unusual arrangement for seeing patients and prescribing medications or supplies should consider a recent case. In this case, a 78 year old Mississippi physician, … Continue reading

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Disbarred Lawyer Sentenced to 7 Years by Ontario Court

If you were a lawyer practicing in the 1980’s you may remember the escapades of Ontario lawyers Harry Kopyto and his colleague, Angelina Codina. Harry was a rabble rouser with socialist leanings, a defender of the poor and disadvantaged, who … Continue reading

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Fishmonger Sentenced: Criminal Tax Evasion Charges Result from Failure to Report $75,000 in Income

Taxpayers and their accountants sometimes believe that tax evasion, especially criminal tax evasion is reserved for “the big guys”. While the IRS likes to go after the big fish, even the minnows can get caught in the net. Take the … Continue reading

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Can I Be Sentenced to Prison for Firearm or Weapon Possession in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, simply possessing a firearm can lead to criminal charges carrying the potential for substantial fines and long-term imprisonment. The same is true for certain other types of weapons as well. Under Section 2C:39-5 and other provisions of … Continue reading

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