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"It’s High Time: A Common Sense Approach To Marijuana-Impaired Driving"

The title of this post is the title of this notable new report from the Reason Foundation authored by by Teri Moore and Adrian Moore. Here is part of its executive summary: Recent wide-spread legalization of medical marijuana and, in … Continue reading

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Does this make sense to you? AI in the insurance industry??

Businessinsurance.com reported that “Artificial intelligence and other technologies hold great promise for the insurance industry but are not without issues, such as adoption and security…”  The January 17, 2019 article entitled “AI holds promise for insurance industry, but with caveats” … Continue reading

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AS HEADS IS TAILS: ● Shot: Michael Moore: Trump tax cuts ‘in a sense an act of terror.’ —T…

AS HEADS IS TAILS: ● Shot: Michael Moore: Trump tax cuts ‘in a sense an act of terror.’ —The Washington Times, last Friday. ● Chaser: The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not “insurgents” or “terrorists” or … Continue reading

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LLCs are Not Corporations, But That Does Not Mean LLC Diversity Rules Make Sense

Back in May, I noted my dislike of the LLC diversity jurisdiction rule, which determines an LLC's citizenship “by the citizenship of each of its members” I noted, I still hate this rule for diversity jurisdiction of LLCs. I know… … Continue reading

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Making Sense of NOAA's Wildfire Announcement

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross just released a statement directing NOAA to "facilitate" water use to respond to California's wildfires (the statement follows several tweets in which President Trump implied that the cause of California's wildfires was the state's ill-advised… … Continue reading

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