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CBP Sued Over Currency Seizure Practice

[Note: Updated to properly identify the organization supporting the litigation.]I often tell students and other lawyers that the great thing about my practice is the lack of human drama. In most cases, getting to the right result in a dispute … Continue reading

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DE: Formulates definition for seizure

Defendant was ordered outside of a house to talk to the police, and that was a seizure under the totality of the circumstances. He dropped drugs and was arrested for that. His discarding the drugs was a product of the … Continue reading

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Search and Seizure Developments in New York

Search and Seizure As criminal defense attorneys in White Plains, New York our office is fortunate to practice criminal law in Westchester, Orange and the surrounding counties. Doing so there is a wide practice by police departments and courts regarding … Continue reading

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Art Litigation: Second Circuit Finds No "Innocent Owner" Defense To National Stolen Property Act Seizure

In U.S. v. Davis and The Painting Known as "Le Marche" by Camille Pissarro, 2011 WL 2162897 (June 3, 2011), the Second Circuit rejected the "innocent owner" defense to a civil forfeiture action brought by Customs to enforce the National … Continue reading

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Ruling Highlights Unlawful Search and Seizure in Massachusetts

The U.S. Supreme Court recently made a significant decision when it ruled that police can break down your door without a warrant if they believe you are destroying evidence, USA Today reports. This is frustrating news for Quincy Criminal Defense … Continue reading

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