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New Hires at Google Accused Using Groupon Trade Secrets

The online coupon industry, led by companies such as Groupon Inc., is growing rapidly, and it's still not clear which company or companies will end up the winners. With so much money potentially at stake, it's not surprising that firms … Continue reading

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Google responds to PayPal trade secrets lawsuit

[JURIST] Google [corporate website] on Friday responded to allegations of misappropriating trade secrets made in a lawsuit [complaint, PDF] filed by PayPal [corporate website], arguing that it had done nothing illegal. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in the Superior Court … Continue reading

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Trade Secrets and Copyright Infringement

In ATPAC Inc. v. Aptitude Solutions, Inc., (EDCA April 12, 2011), the court considered the issue of whether computer source code that had been registered with the copyright office could be considered a trade secret. Plaintiff ATPAC creates software and … Continue reading

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Trade Secrets and Antitrust Law

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol Harry First, New York University (NYU) – School of Law has published Trade Secrets and Antitrust Law. ABSTRACT:The antitrust treatment of trade secrets has remained largely hidden, with trade secrets today being viewed as simply… … Continue reading

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Are Your Financial Secrets Hurting Your Relationship?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but the majority of Americans are doing something decidedly unromantic, say Chicago bankruptcy attorneys. At least 30 percent of married people cop to cheating – of the financial kind, that is. In other words, they … Continue reading

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