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New Jersey Law Prohibits Prospective Waivers and Secret Discrimination, Retaliation, or Harassment Settlements

On March 18, 2019, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill amending the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) to prohibit contractual provisions that result in the wavier of a right or remedy provided under the LAD or prevent … Continue reading

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EFF & PK: Government Still Blocking Information on Secret IP Enforcement Treaty

Broken Promises from the Obama Administration Keep Americans in the Dark About ACTA. Public interest groups today called on the US government to stop blocking the release of information about a secret intellectual property trade agreement with broad implications for … Continue reading

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Even If “Secret,” Information Will Not Qualify As a “Trade Secret” Unless Adequate Measures Were Taken To Protect That Secrecy

A federal judge in Chicago recently taught a painful lesson to an Illinois employer: even if information is sufficiently sensitive and valuable that it could qualify as a “trade secret,” it won’t unless the owner of the information took adequate … Continue reading

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Secret Santa Gives to the House

I blast them when they misjudge. So its fair to praise them when they get it right. And on Wednesday White House and Justice Department officials got it right — at least for now — by promising to cooperate a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Ransomeware’s Dirty Little Secret: Most Corporate Victims Pay

John Reed Stark As cybersecurity has become an increasingly important consideration for all corporate operations, one of the most pernicious problems has been the rise of so-called “ransomware” attacks – that is, systems breaches in which hackers take control of … Continue reading

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