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Second batch of Kavanaugh White House documents released [text]

The Senate Judiciary Committee has released another production of documents in the course of its consideration of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to serve as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. This latest production from the Office of … Continue reading

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Satisfied Second Mortgages During the Financial Crisis Rearing Their Ugly Heads!

During the financial crisis, many banks, especially Bank of America, N.A., received credit under the National Mortgage Settlement Act when they wrote off an underwater second mortgage.  This was very common in Florida because many 80/20 mortgages were written around … Continue reading

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Jenice Malecki to Make Second Appearance on CNBC’s American Greed

Malecki Law attorney Jenice Malecki was on the set of business news network CNBC’s documentary true crime series American Greed yesterday to speak about affinity fraud for an upcoming episode. American Greed provides in depth-reporting exposing Ponzi Schemes, mortgage fraud, … Continue reading

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Should Older Individuals Be Entitled to a “Second Childhood”?

As more individuals survive for longer periods of time, these individuals have increasingly become the victims of various scams. Should they have a defense of “old age” just like a young individual has the defense of “minority.” This is one… … Continue reading

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How Do I Get My Connecticut Harassment Second Degree Arrest Dismissed?

Harassment arrests in Connecticut usually involve offensive texts, phone calls, emails and social media messages. Harassment charges often pop up during nasty divorce cases where cheating is involved. Connecticut police try to mediate before making arrests for Harassment Second Degree. … Continue reading

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