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SCOTUS Says Government Must Give Notice of Time and Place of Immigration Court Hearings, So Government Gives Times/Places for Nonexistent Hearings. Again.

(Photo credit: Irfan Khan, Los Angeles Times) On Thursday, January 31, thousands of people across the country took time off of work, and in some cases drove for hours and hired attorneys for immigration court hearings that didn't exist. The… … Continue reading

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Arctic Man Goes to SCOTUS

As extreme sports go, Arctic Man must be a trip. To paraphrase Chief Justice John Roberts, when you put 10,000 mostly drunk people in the middle of nowhere, 8 cops are just not enough to keep the peace.We here at … Continue reading

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The US Supreme Court reheard oral arguments on whether a property owner can have a federal court decide an inverse condemnation case without first exhausting state remedies. In Knick v. Twp. of Scott, the property owner alleged that the enactment … Continue reading

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Why Professor Hemel is Wrong About Life Tenure for SCOTUS

By Eric SegallProfessor Daniel Hemel of the University of Chicago has written a thoughtful essay in Politico on why allowing Supreme Court Justices to serve for life, while raising some problems, is not as bad as the two potential cures … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Shortlister Judge Kethledge Has Read The Knick Briefs: "[T]he Takings Clause does not say that private property shall not 'be taken for public use, without just compensation, and without a remedy in state court.'"

It wasn't going to be too hard to figure out what the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit was going to do in Lumbard v. City of Ann Arbor, No. 18-1258 (Jan. 10, 2018). After all, the case … Continue reading

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