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D. Scott Crook to Present at Seminar on Employment Law: Advanced Issues and Answers

D. Scott Crook, the creator of The Utah Employment Lawyer, will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Continuing Education Seminar entitled Employment Law:  Advanced Issues and Answers.  He will be presenting on Recent Developments in State and Federal … Continue reading

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Gordon & Doner's Scott Fischer Wins Nearly Million-Dollar Verdict With Scathing Close in Patient Fall Trial |VIDEO|

Medical center guidelines often form the central legal battleground in cases against hospitals. The defense will use compliance with the guidelines as proof that treatment met appropriate standards, while the plaintiff must show the hospital violated its own protocol or … Continue reading

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Move Over Dred Scott: NY Appeals Court Upholds Age Discrimination by Feds

Unfortunately, many federal court decisions live in infamy. Now the U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City has added a new one to the list. A three-judge panel ruled last week that a discriminatory … Continue reading

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Scott Pruitt Is Trump's Biggest Asset, So The Left Wants Him Gone

After Donald Trump, the individual in DC with the biggest target on his back is Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. When he was attorney general of Oklahoma, he sued the EPA more than a dozen times to get the … Continue reading

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Enrages NRA, Passes School Safety and Gun Violence Bill

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a broad bill intended to step up safety in schools and curtain gun violence on Friday. The legislation marks a major break from Republican tradition. Scott, himself a member of the GOP, rattled the National … Continue reading

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