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U.S. and Greek Special Forces Train for Cruise Ship Hijacking Scenarios

A December 6, 2018 article in TheNewsRep.com website outlines information related to cruise ship hijacking scenarios and how United Stated special forces might respond to those incidents. Titled “ISIS terrorists have just hijacked a cruise ship’: Greek and US SOF … Continue reading

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Worst case scenarios: Survive the unexpected with your personal plan for bar prep

It’s safe to say the bar exam is no walk in the park, and this general knowledge factors into all test takers’ determination of which bar review course provides the best prep. No matter which course you choose, you’ll likely … Continue reading

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Some Worst Case Scenarios as the Trade War with China Escalates

As the trade war and tension with China escalates, I am thinking about some worst case scenarios—particularly in the academic context concerning intellectual property/valuable information.  At least one commentator has made the allegation that the Trump Administration may attempt to … Continue reading

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What inspires the scenarios and characters in your final exam questions?

As we wrap up another season of grading, I return to the thought that grading finals can feel like reading the same story again and again. This task is slightly more entertaining for me if the story involves some interesting … Continue reading

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