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Tax Trends Recording: What’s Hot in Sales Tax

Sales tax reform continues to be a hot topic. We recently hosted a webinar, What’s Hot in Sales Tax, as part of our Tax Trends webinar series. If you need an update on current sales tax trends or questions about … Continue reading

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Getting Exercised About A Sales Tax Exercise Exception

Reader Morris contacted me last week with a question and a controversial answer. He asked, “Is yoga considered exercise for sales tax purposes?” he included some additional information, which permitted me to learn that six years ago, in a decision … Continue reading

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FDA Warns Websites: Cease Sales of Fraudulent Cancer Remedies

  According to a report on medicalnewstoday.com, consumer complaints and Internet searches conducted by members of the Mexico-US-Canada Fraud working group lead the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to find that 125 products sold online, that are boasting prevention, treatment, and/or cures for … Continue reading

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Zamansky LLC Investigates Purshe Kaplan Over Sales of Alternative Investments

The law firm is investigating alternative investments sold by Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments Inc. (“Purshe Kaplan”), the brokerage firm based in Albany, New York, with branches located throughout the country. If you are an investor in an alternative investment such … Continue reading

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Missed Sales and the Pricing of Ancillary Goods

Gomes, Renato and Tirole, Jean examine Missed Sales and the Pricing of Ancillary Goods. ABSTRACT: Firms often sell a basic good as well as ancillary ones. Hold-up concerns have led to ancillary good regulations such as transparency and price caps…. … Continue reading

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