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[Ilya Somin] Federal Appellate Court Rules Against Trump Administration on Most Issues in California “Sanctuary State” Case

Flag of California.Earlier today, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against the Trump Administration on nearly all the disputed issues in the California "sanctuary state" case. The ruling is an important victory for federalism in the … Continue reading

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Pushing Back Against the SEC on Finders Rules

As I’ve blogged about in the past, the SEC in recent years has taken a relatively strict position against payments to “finders” who are not registered broker-dealers, as compensation for introducing investors to companies. The SEC’s focus has primarily been … Continue reading

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The Past and Future of the NLRB’s “Quickie Election” Rules

By Steven Gutierrez Steven Gutierrez The National Labor Relations Board is charged with holding union elections whenever petitioners demonstrate that a sufficient number of employees in a particular workplace wish to become unionized. The NLRB’s “quickie election” rules have changed … Continue reading

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New York Court Rules Dead Man’s Statute Does Not Preclude Evidence of Written Consent in a Medical Malpractice Case

Prior to surgery, the physician performing the surgery will typically obtain the patient’s informed consent. The process of obtaining informed consent involves advising the patient of any potential risks to the surgery and asking if the patient understands the risks … Continue reading

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Eleventh Circuit Rules that Express Threat of Litigation Not Required to Implicate FDCPA

On April 5, 2019, in Holzman v. Malcom S. Gerald & Assocs., Inc., 2019 WL 1495642, the Eleventh Circuit held that an express threat of litigation is not required to state a claim under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act … Continue reading

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