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Argument preview: Standing to challenge sex offender rule

The federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, or SORNA, has been percolating in the lower courts since its enactment in 2006. Convicted sex offenders seem to have attacked its registration requirements every which way, leaving a trail of lower … Continue reading

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Simplifying a Michigan License Appeal and Understanding DAAD Rule 13 – Part 1

As part of my Driver's License Restoration Practice, I have tried, within the License Restoration section of this blog, to explain every aspect and facet of the License Appeal process. Many of those articles examine the varying degrees of complexity … Continue reading

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SEC Staff Gives Assurances to Advisers Keeping Alternate Records under Pay to Play Advisers Act Recordkeeping Rule

The staff of the Division of Investment Management has given no-action assurances under the government plan recordkeeping rule, adopted in conjunction with the pay to play rule, to investment advisers to Covered Investment Pools who keep an alternative set of … Continue reading

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Unimpeachable: 7th Circuit Finds Evidence That Sauna Was Used As Place Of Prostitution Inadmissible Under Rape Shield Rule

Like all states, Wisconsin has a rape shield rule. Under Wisconsin's rule, WIS. STAT. Section 972.11(2)(b), in civil and criminal cases involving alleged sex crimes, any evidence concerning the complaining witness's prior sexual conduct or opinions of the witness's prior… … Continue reading

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FAA Outlines AMOC for Lavatory Oxygen Generator Rule

The FAA has issued a policy document for public comment on Chemical Oxygen Generators. The draft guidance provides a mechanism that would permit air carriers to meet the regulations' oxygen mask requirements as well as the Airworthiness Directive through an … Continue reading

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