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Bi-Partisan Human Rights Resolution Vetoed

On one thing Congress agreed. The United States should withdraw its involvement in the war in Yemen. While promoted as a civil war, the escalation and breadth of devastation resulted directly from Saudi bombing. The "war" is nothing more than… … Continue reading

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Gladue Rights Research Database

Read more detail on Recent Law Librarian posts –

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NYC Commission on Human Rights Releases Online Gender Harassment Training

As we previously reported here, the “Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act” expanded the reach of the New York City Human Rights Law in the area of gender-based discrimination, including harassment.  Among other things, as of April 1, 2019, the law … Continue reading

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How Can I Protect My Parental Rights as a Father?

Every year, thousands of American couples make the difficult decision to pursue a divorce. A divorce can represent an opportunity to start a new and independent life. However, when children are involved, the divorce process can be incredibly tense. For … Continue reading

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Rights to free speech and, or, academic freedom not offended by requiring a candidate for a teaching position to demonstration his or her teaching skills

The petitioner [Plaintiff] in this action appealed the federal district court's dismissal of his claims that members of a hiring committee at a State University of New York campus discriminated against him based on his age and disability and violated … Continue reading

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