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OCC: Wells Fargo a “Repeat Offender” Against Consumer Rights

A recent letter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency slams Wells Fargo & Co., and warns it may be taking federal enforcement action against the financial institution for a host of wrongs in its mortgage and auto … Continue reading

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Analysis: Concealed Carry Act steps over states’ borders, rights

The concealed carry bill passed by the House of Representatives on Wednesday would be a massive overhaul of America’s gun laws. It’s being sold as “let people travel with their guns” but it does much, much more. Proponents say the … Continue reading

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Cyber Challenges to Int’l Human Rights – Jerusalem & Haifa, Israel

The CyberLaw Program, International Cybersecurity Research Center (Hebrew University) and the Cyber, Law and Policy Center (University of Haifa) present Cyber Challenges to International Human Rights Dec. 11-12, 2017. Day 1 is at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem; Day 2 … Continue reading

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Injured on an oil rig: know your rights

Working on oil rigs is often demanding and dangerous, probably one of the most dangerous professions in the country. Employees should have enough experience and safe working conditions in order to avoid severe injuries. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen like … Continue reading

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Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

When you’ve successfully fashioned something creative, be it a manuscript , a song or a painting, you’re entitled to file a copyright for your material. A copyright is a legal term which assigns exclusive rights to the maker of the … Continue reading

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