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Should Rivers Have Rights? A Growing Movement Says It’s About Time

Yale Environment 360: “…In Chile, as in other places, we have come to this point because the traditional Western view of rivers — and of nature generally — has failed us. Western legal systems and governments traditionally viewed water and … Continue reading

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Planning, Law & Prop. Rights – College Station, TX

The Int’l Academic Assoc. on Planning, Law, and Property Rights issues a call for papers ahead of their 13th Annual Conference from Feb. 18-23, 2019 at Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. The deadline for proposals is Oct. 1, … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence, Human Rights and Family Courts

In what appears to be a universal phenomenom, mothers who raise allegations that the father is abusing her or the children are often not awarded custody and even less so if the mother alleges sexual abuse. The mothers are accused… … Continue reading

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Trademark Licensees Take Note: The Supreme Court Might Review The Tempnology Decision — And Whether A Licensee Can Keep Trademark Rights After Rejection

The twists and turns of the In re Tempnology LLC bankruptcy case have been a frequent subject on this blog for good reason. The case addresses whether a trademark licensee, whose licensor files bankruptcy and rejects the license agreement, retains any rights … Continue reading

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Menell on IP and the Property Rights Movement

Peter S. Menell (Boalt) has posted Intellectual Property and the Property Rights Movement on SSRN. Heres the abstract:The article examines the recent efforts of the Property Rights Movement to expand the “property tent” to emcompass intellectual property. In eBay v…. … Continue reading

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