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SDNY Lawsuit Over Use of BLOCKCHAIN Trademark – You Read That Right

    Plaintiff, Blockchain Luxembourg, owns a federal trademark registration for BLOCKCHAIN and design, disclaiming  the word BLOCKCHAIN.  It provides blockchain-related goods and services, and operates websites at blockchain.com and blockchain.info. It defines the marks in which it claims rights in … Continue reading

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Stopler on Religious Liberty as a Human Right

Gila Stopler (College of Law and Business – Ramat Gan Law School) has posted How Could Religious Liberty Be a Human Right: A Reply to Andrew Koppelman (Forthcoming in 16(3) INT’L J. CONST. L.) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: In his … Continue reading

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How Your Cruise Ship Ticket can Limit Your Right to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Are you planning to take a cruise in the near future? If so, make sure to carefully read the back of your ticket and any other documentation the cruise operator sends you. Much of this “fine print” can substantially affect … Continue reading

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New Legal Developments Regarding the Right to Die

Here are just some of the highlights of our upcoming second 2018 update to The Right to Die: The Law of End-of-Life Decisionmaking.  This supplement covers the most recent legal developments—judicial cases, legislation, and news accounts of important legal proceedings … Continue reading

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What is a Right of First Refusal?

A right of first refusal is an important legal right in business law. It gives a certain party the opportunity to engage in a transaction before another party can do so. The right of first refusal can be used in … Continue reading

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