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Enjoy The Ride, But Know The Risks

All-Terrain Vehicles, also known as ATVs, make their way out of the garages and onto the trails once it’s warm and sunny. They can be a great way to entertain at a party, a fun getaway from the regular, and … Continue reading

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Should Cyclists in Georgia Ride in the Same Direction as Traffic?

Cyclists in Georgia are extremely vulnerable. Many parts of the state are not bike friendly. However, we sometimes see riders putting themselves in greater harm by failing to abide by the rules. Many drivers have experienced a cyclist heading toward … Continue reading

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Ride Sharing May Decrease Values Near Subways and Bus Stops

It is clear that ride sharing has impacted the real estate community. One possible change is the value of properties near subways and bus stops. According to Bloomberg, “ride-sharing services such as Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc., and the advent of electric … Continue reading

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Two off-duty NYPD cops fatally crash their rental Maserati in to a tree during joy ride

Speeding and maybe alcohol may have caused the death of two off-duty police officers who went for a joy ride in a rental Maserati after a wedding celebration. Last Sunday afternoon, NYPD Officer Michael Colangelo  married Katherine Berger at the … Continue reading

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Do you ride the DC/MD/VA Metro – this safety report is a critical read

WTOP.com: “The findings of the latest publicly available Federal Transit Administration inspection reports include dark tunnels, risks to workers, train operators failing to follow safety rules before opening doors, and Metro’s own compliance inspectors being unable to verify fixes. Federal … Continue reading

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