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Rick Perry’s proposed coal, nuclear compensation rule denied by US regulator

Enlarge / Industry. (credit: Kym Farnik) On Monday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied a rule proposed by Energy Secretary Rick Perry earlier this year (PDF) to compensate coal and nuclear generation facilities over and above the compensation they … Continue reading

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Might GOP start debating Texas crime and punishment with Rick Perry in the 2012 race?

Regular readers know that I always find fascinating when national political discussions and debate turn to issues of crime and punishment. And, because the record of Texas on such issues is so dynamic, I am both hopeful and intrigued that … Continue reading

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Rick Ehlert's Attorney Says: Jokingly Dropping a Cruise Ship Anchor is "Silly," But Not a Crime!

Last November, Cruise Law News (CLN) reported on the drunken cruise ship passenger who reportedly snuck into the control room and dropped anchor while the ship was sailing back to Tampa from Mexico. Daniel Castillo, Ehlert's defense attorney now claims … Continue reading

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Gov.-elect Rick Scott asks 400 state staffers to rescind resignations for now

Gov.-elect Rick Scott asks 400 state staffers to rescind resignations for now Florida’s Gov.-elect Rick Scott has yet to name a single member of his administration and has asked hundreds of current state staffers to stay on temporarily. Read more … Continue reading

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