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Anthony Bourdain May Have Been Richer Than First Assumed

Famous television chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in France in June and his will was filed in a Manhattan court last week, determining that his worth totaled approximately $1.2 million. The will though also included language that implied that he… … Continue reading

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More Permissive Zoning Codes Could Make U.S. Workers Richer

Someone struggling to pay rent in Philadelphia does not care whether the San Francisco Board of Supervisors grants a permit for a new apartment building in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood. But maybe they should. According to a recent paper, … Continue reading

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Royal Caribbean Executives Get Richer While Crew Members Get Poorer

In a proxy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Royal Caribbean Cruises disclosed that its 2010 compensation paid to CEO Richard Fain (photo left) increased almost 60% to $8,600,000. Royal Caribbean increased the compensation paid to the company's four … Continue reading

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Britains Wealthy Getting Richer

According to Richard Woods, Super-rich treble wealth in last 10 years, Times Online, April 29, 2007, the rich are getting richer in Britain.The 260% rise in the wealth of Britain’s richest contrasts with a 120% average wealth increase for the… … Continue reading

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