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Fact Check: Secretaries Don't Pay More in Taxes Than the Rich

"Oops! I did it again." – Britany Spears – Pointing out the Obama administration's tax lies is beginning to get old. It didn't take long for President Obama to exploit Warren Buffett's dubious claim that he pays taxes at a … Continue reading

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Here is why you can't raise taxes for the rich

By Fuzzyone They might not be able to afford to fly their kids to summer camp and then the pilots of their private jets will lose their jobs thus destroying the economy. (I know, I'm on some kind of taxes … Continue reading

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American Airlines: Aisle Seats Now a Perk for the Loyal or Rich

Many people are disgusted with the airlines constantly finding new ways to ding passengers, particularly with fees for services that used to be part of the ticket price. Now American Airlines and possibly others are putting a premium on some … Continue reading

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Interview: Rich Stim, Permissions and Fair Use

Rich Stim is corporate counsel for Nolo. Rich is the author of several Nolo intellectual property books including: Patent, Copyright & Trademark: An Intellectual Property Desk Reference Patent Pending in 24 Hours Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business … Continue reading

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How the Rich Shield Assets

Why would Jamie McCourt sign a post-nuptial agreement giving up her rights in the Los Angeles Dodgers? She and Frank McCourt are now in the midst of a divorce and she is trying to claim that she didn’t know what… … Continue reading

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