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Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 Revives Many Expired Tax Breaks Retroactively

President Trump signed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 into law on February 9. The Act, which was passed to fund the federal government and avoid another shutdown, includes a number of changes to the Internal Revue Code. Many of … Continue reading

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Seattle officials stating they will retroactively vacate past misdemeanor marijuana-possession convictions

As highlighted by a number of posts linked below, the notion of expunging past marijuana convictions following legalization has quickly become a mainstream part of the reform movement. The latest notable development on this front comes from Seattle where, as … Continue reading

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Budget Deal Would Retroactively Extend Several Expired Tax Provisions

Congress is considering a two-year budget deal that would, among other things, change the tax code for 2017. Since the close of 2016, the fate of several expired tax “extenders”—a slew of temporary, constantly expiring tax breaks for individuals and … Continue reading

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You Can't Reduce Child Support or Alimony Obligations or Arrearages Retroactively … So You Must File to Modify Support Immediately If You Suffer An Interruption or Reduction in Your Income

You lost your job. Or your hours were reduced. Or just your pay. You've been trying to keep up with your court-ordered child support. And/or your court-ordered alimony and spousal support. But you just can't do it. You're falling further … Continue reading

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Can Dodd-Frank Act Provisions Be Applied Retroactively? The SEC Claims Such An Argument Is Not Ripe and Urges Court to Dismiss Complaint in SEC v. Gutpa

In March 2011, an individual accused of participating in an insider trading scheme filed a Complaint against the SEC in federal court in New York, arguing, among other things, that the SEC should be enjoined from retroactively applying the provisions … Continue reading

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