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Recycled Restaurant Waste Cooking Oil Can Trigger Insurance Pollution Exclusion

In a case having broad implications given the wide mandatory recycling of restaurant waste cooking oil across the country, in a decision filed on April 29, 2019, a federal appeals court held that contaminated recycled fat could trigger the “pollution … Continue reading

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Settlements reached in Chiang Mai House Thai Restaurant Salmonella Outbreak

On September 21, 2017, the Central District Health Department received three lab reports and one clinical diagnosis for Salmonella infections of patrons who had all eaten at Chiang Mai House Thai Restaurant, located at 4898 West Emerald Street in Boise, Idaho. … Continue reading

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"Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential Platform Is Actually a Restaurant Countertop/Dude, people need to eat food off of those!"

Headline at Eater.The phenomenon has even spawned its own parody Twitter account, Beto Standing On Counters, with the tagline “Standing on Counters and other assorted furniture til ‘20.”It's viral. Example:Beto vs. the dog I took care of this weekend pic.twitter.com/TF3ivBJF63— … Continue reading

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Restaurant Structural Change: The Opportunity

Last time we asked, given the high number of restaurant concept bankruptcies and money sloshing around in the sector, is there still more upside than downside in the restaurant franchising sector? We can find the answer by looking at where … Continue reading

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Texas Restaurant Owner Failed to Establish that Employee Had Signed Arbitration Agreement

Arbitration, as an alternative to traditional litigation, is becoming increasingly popular in many different types of conflicts, including disputes between Dallas employers and their employees. While arbitration offers many advantages – flexibility, speed, efficiency, confidentiality, and finality, to name a … Continue reading

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