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ICANN Injustices in Stakeholder Group Charters – Ask ICANN to Respect Democratic Process and Noncomm

The public is invited to send an email to ICANN on the subject of the injustices of the draft charters proposed for the noncommercial and commercial stakeholder groups in the new GNSO. ICANN will accept public comment on the subject … Continue reading

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Will ICANN Listen to Civil Society and Respect Noncommercial Users?

Public comments on stakeholder group charters are in – again. Comments submitted to ICANN were overwhelmingly in favor of reinstating the consensus charter submitted by noncommercial users. The Internet Governance Project asks “Is ICANN Listening?” to civil society yet. Read … Continue reading

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LLCs Are Not Corporations. Be Vigilant. Respect the Entity.

A recent Georgia case highlights a whole host of things that frustrate me with litigation related to limited liability companies (LLCs). This one features an LLC making incorrect arguments and a court sanctioning that silliness. For example Baja Properties argues… … Continue reading

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Beyond the State-Owner Binary: Repositioning the State’s Property-Resource Responsibilities with Respect to All Community Members (Including Property Owners)

Laura S. Underkuffler, Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust, 18 Theoretical Inquiries L. 329 (2017). Lorna Fox O’Mahony Laura Underkuffler’s recent article, Property, Sovereignty, and the Public Trust, is part of a special issue of Theoretical Inquiries in Law. The … Continue reading

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Fostering the 3Rs of relational mediation practice: Respect, Recognition and Reflection

We have all heard of the 3 Rs – reading, writing and ’rithmetic – which are commonly seen as the foundation of a basic education.  Effective mediation skills must similarly be based on three fundamentals.  I propose that mediation is most … Continue reading

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