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Resisting Attempts to Control the “Hyper-Fertile”

Maya Manian, The Story of Madrigal v. Quilligan: Coerced Sterilization of Mexican-American Women, in Reproductive Rights and Justice Stories (forthcoming 2019), available at SSRN. Ruthann Robson The meaning of “success” in litigation challenging inequalities is at the core of Professor Maya … Continue reading

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Resisting Contract Law’s Paradigm Slip Through Shared Meaning

Robin B. Kar & Margaret J. Radin, Pseudo-Contract & Shared Meaning Analysis, 132 Harv. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2019), available at SSRN. Nancy Kim By now, it’s old news that contracts have undergone a transformation in the couple of decades and not … Continue reading

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438. Resisting reality

Recently I completed a series of all-day training sessions for law enforcement in outlying areas of New Mexico, a state with more than its share of outlying areas.  My fellow-instructor was a retired officer, and it was interesting to hear … Continue reading

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Resisting Arrest, Accepting Treatment

The South Carolina Supreme Court has imposed a public reprimand with conditions for the following misconduct: In July 2007, respondent was arrested following an altercation with police officers at a bar. In July 2011, respondent pled guilty to resisting arrest… … Continue reading

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