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Fixing Ethiopia Requires More Than a New Prime Minister

Editor’s Note: For years, Ethiopia has appeared to be a relative success story, emerging from years of conflict and becoming a somewhat democratic, pro-Western ally in East Africa. Yet this success is in jeopardy. Yale's Hilary Matfess details the creeping … Continue reading

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Success Requires the Right Culture – the Disney Philosophy

Starting at the top is essential, but you need the right mix of people within your firm to really be successufl. Disney calls this “cast excellence.” The corporate culture at Disney is, by design, well-defined, clear to all, and goal-oriented. … Continue reading

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Nebraska: Eminent Domain Fee Statute Only Requires Reimbursement Of Fees "Actually Incurred" (So Unsupported Claim Is Right Out)

Here's the latest case on our (second) favorite subject, recovery of attorneys' fees. First, let's be frank: in our experience, many courts don't really care all that much for requests for fees and costs, for whatever reason. Maybe it's because … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Court Requires Insurers to Advance Insureds’ Defense Costs

In the following guest post, Syed Ahmad, Brittany Davidson, and Andrea DeField of Hunton & Williams LLP take a look at a very interesting New York trial court decision relating to D&O insurers’ duty to advance defense costs. I would … Continue reading

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Belgium Modifies Royal Decree Regarding the Placement on the Market of Substances Manufactured at the Nanoscale, Requires Registration of Mixtures

Belgium published in the January 15, 2018, Official Gazette an amendment to the Royal Decree regarding the placement on the market of substances manufactured at the nanoscale.  Under the amendment, cosmetic products as defined by the July 2012 Belgian Royal … Continue reading

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