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[Eugene Volokh] Eliminate Article II’s Anomalous Birth Requirement, so “Made in America” Citizens May Run, With Gratitude, for President

Thank you to readers and commenters here this week. Your thoughtful consideration has improved my proposed amendment to render eligible for President all American citizens who meet the age and duration requirements of Article II. You have persuaded me to … Continue reading

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Good faith requirement in a guarantee

Where a retention guarantee was provided to a construction company for an amount to be demanded but not exceeding ‘a good faith estimate of the costs’ claimed, the contractor had to show that the demand was made in the honest … Continue reading

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Tax Court Addresses Supervisor Approval Requirement in Partnership-Level Proceeding

Recently, the written supervisory approval requirement of Section 6751(b) has been one of the primary issues in Tax Court litigation concerning penalties that the IRS has asserted against taxpayers. The focus of this litigation is the effect of Section 6751(b) … Continue reading

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DECLINE: “Not too fond of Facebook”: A dating app removes its linked-profile requirement….

DECLINE: “Not too fond of Facebook”: A dating app removes its linked-profile requirement. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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Last Minute Dissolution Testing Requirement Avoids Forfeiture of 180-Day Exclusivity for Generic COREG CR Staggered Strengths

By Kurt R. Karst — As folks know by now, each month we pore over the latest Orange Book Cumulative Supplement in an effort to keep our popular 180-Day Exclusivity Tracker as current as possible, and to look for interesting … Continue reading

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