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Iowa Senate Bill Would Require State Supreme Court Supermajority to Find Laws Unconstitutional

The Des Moines Register reports:The Iowa Senate narrowly approved a controversial bill Tuesday that says no state law can be held unconstitutional by an Iowa court without the concurrence of at least five justices of the seven-member Iowa Supreme Court. Senate … Continue reading

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Does Georgia Law Require Manufacturers to Warn Third Parties About Dangerous Products?

When it comes to product liability, Georgia courts have long held that a manufacturer can be held responsible for its “failure to warn” customers about potentially harmful defects that it knew about (or should have known about). This duty extends … Continue reading

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5 Changes that May Require You to Modify Your Estate Plan

While many estate planning tools offer the flexibility to automatically address certain changes in your life (such as the accumulation of wealth or the death of a family member), there are a variety of circumstances under which it may still … Continue reading

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Municipality can require waterfront greening to protect water

The St. Charles Lake provides half the potable water used by Québec City. When nutrients from human activity began to create plagues of toxic bacteria, the City enacted a by-law requiring owners of lakefront property to put in 10-15 metre … Continue reading

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Copyright Board Refuses to Require Transactional Licenses from Access Copyright or its Rights Holders

The Copyright Board today released a decision denying AUCC's request to amend the interim Access Copyright post-secondary tariff to force Access Copyright to issue transactional licenses. Prof. Katz, who is participating personally in this tariff proceeding, had proposed an arguably … Continue reading

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