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Achieving Climate Goals Will Require Sound Energy Storage Policies

California Governor Gavin Newsom will need to hit the ground running if he wants his state to reach its historically ambitious goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2045. New York has its work cut out, too, as it aims … Continue reading

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Three state legislatures consider programs to require courts notify defendants by text of upcoming court hearings

Bills in three states have been filed in the last month to require state courts (in particular the various administrative offices of the courts) to develop text reminder system.Colorado SB 36 appears to be a revised version of HB 1081 … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen: 13 Policy Areas that Require Congressional Action

POGO: Promoting Ethics and Addressing Corruption Improving Transparency and Accountability in US Immigration Detention and Exploring Alternatives Placing Proper Checks and Limits on Invasive Surveillance Slowing the Federal Revolving Door Smarter National Security Spending and Policy Reprioritize and Revitalize Work … Continue reading

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Illinois Supreme Court Says Biometric-Data Protection Law Does Not Require Allegation of Actual Injury

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled today that an allegation of “actual injury or adverse effect” is not required to establish standing to sue under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, 740 ILCS 14 (“BIPA”). This post discusses the importance of … Continue reading

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Kentucky May Require Signature for DNR orders

Perhaps following either legislation recently implemented in Texas or "Simon's Law" legislation being considered in several other states, Kentucky H.B. 167 would prohibit unilateral DNR orders. The bill states that "a Do Not Resuscitate or DNR order written by any health … Continue reading

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