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Variation on the bank-customer arbitration theme: Customer doesn't get to require Amegy Bank to arbitrate

WHEN THE LITTLE GUY WANTS TO TAKE THE BIG GUY TO ARBITRATION  Here is another rare case where an individual wanted to arbitrate a dispute with a business — rather than the reverse — and was thwarted in his quest: Carter … Continue reading

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New SEC/Musk settlement spells out which Tesla tweets require preapproval

By Anne Sherry, J.D. Tesla CEO Elon Musk once again agreed to oversight of his social media posts after SEC contempt proceedings revealed that he had not sought preapproval of any tweets. This version 2.0 of the parties’ settlement, if … Continue reading

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Does a Disclaimer of Real Property Require a Legal Description in Florida?

In a recent case, a disclaimant signed a disclaimer that purported to include real property owned by a decedent, but did not provide a legal description for the real property. After entering into the disclaimer, the disclaimant apparently had a … Continue reading

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Senate Bill Would Require Additional DOE Part 810 Reporting to Congress With Unknown Protections for Industry Proprietary Information

A bipartisan group of four senators has introduced a bill that would amend the Atomic Energy Act to require the US Department of Energy (DOE) to submit to Congress quarterly reports providing information about industry’s and DOE’s activities under 10 … Continue reading

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The Special Counsel’s Report: What Do Current DOJ Regulations Require and Can Congress Get It?

CRS Legal Sidebar via LC – The Special Counsel’s Report: What Do Current DOJ Regulations Require? March 7, 2019: “…This Sidebar examines the current legal obligations of the Special Counsel and Attorney General to report information relating to the investigation … Continue reading

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