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Mass. Supreme Court rules that Stored Communications Act doesn’t bar Yahoo from release of decedent’s emails to his Estate’s Personal Representatives

People often wonder what happens to someone’s stored digital data such as emails, electronic banking, or facebook accounts if the person dies. This has been a vexing problem for surviving family members who wish to read or save that data as … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing letters to representatives for transparency and accountability

“From-Congress is an attempt to collect letters sent by representatives to their constituents. These letters often contain statements by the rep about positions that might otherwise be difficult to discover. This project exists to increase the amount of transparency and … Continue reading

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CMS Issues Guidance on Same-Sex Partners as Patient Representatives

Hospitals that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding must generally allow a same-sex domestic partner to be a medical representative for an incapacitated patient, according to guidance issued this month by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) within the … Continue reading

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House of Representatives Votes to Stop EPA From Implementing Rule That Would Curb Mercury Pollution

Earlier this year, the Obama administration pushed to limit the amount of mercury emissions from power plants. Yet this month, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives resisted any tightening of EPA rules. They passed the first of a series of bills … Continue reading

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Individuals who were not domiciled in Florida are not eligible to serve as a Personal Representative of a Florida decedent, except under limited circumstances (e.g., if they are related within certain stated family relationships to the decedent). Fla. Stats. Section … Continue reading

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