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Sieckmann kicks in once again: when is a representation of a sign an acceptable representation for the sake of registration?

For a sign to be registered as a trade mark, one of the key requirements is that the sign is capable of being represented. The old ‘graphic representation requirement’ under the previous EU trade mark instruments has been replaced – … Continue reading

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Chalmers on The Chamleon Subject: Representation, Law, and the Problem of Living Dead @MelbLawSchool

Shane Chalmers, Institute for International Law and the Humanities, Melbourne Law School, is publishing The Chameleon Subject — Representation, Law, and the Problem of Living Dead, in Law, Culture, and the Humanities. Here is the abstract. This essay is concerned … Continue reading

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Nurse Who Pursued Her New Jersey Race Discrimination Case Without Legal Representation Does Not Meet with Success

If you have been harmed at work because your employer discriminated against you due to your sex, race, religion, or some other illegal basis, you are probably frustrated and upset. You also likely want justice for the harm you’ve suffered. … Continue reading

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Lenders Representation That Borrower “Qualified” For Loan Not A Representation Borrower Could

Question: Is a lenders representation to a borrower that the borrower can "qualify" for a mortgage loan a representation that the borrower can also "afford" the loan? Answer: No, according to the First District Court of Appeal in Perlas v. … Continue reading

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Car Accidents Cases Require Proper Legal Representation

Authorities are trying their best to stop the overwhelmingly car accidents numbers, but until now they we’re really successful in this regard. It is really hard, probably even impossible, to control so many aspects of a problem when there are … Continue reading

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