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More uncertainty follows the Italian Constitutional Court’s partial repeal of the Jobs Act

Thanks to the passage of the Dignity Decree by the Italian Parliament last summer and the recent decision of Italy’s Constitutional Court, the employment law regime in Italy has changed direction. The problem is that the direction it has taken … Continue reading

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Ohio House of Representatives Votes to Repeal Tampon Tax

Ohio Senate (image from http://www.ohiosenate.gov) Today the Ohio House of Representatives voted 84-1 to eliminate the state sales tax on menstrual hygiene products.  House Bill 545, a larger tax bill, had significant bipartisan support. The bill included the exemption for … Continue reading

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Californians Split on Gas Tax Repeal Initiative

While the proposal to split California into three states won’t be on the November ballot, an equally divisive one will be. Proposition 6 cancels a 12-cent gas tax increase that went into effect November 1, 2017 (with similar increases to … Continue reading

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Verizon lobbyist runs for NY AG—as the state sues FCC over net neutrality repeal

Enlarge / Leecia Eve, a Verizon lobbyist and candidate for New York attorney general. (credit: Leecia Eve) A Verizon lobbyist is trying to become the attorney general of New York in the upcoming November election. Verizon executive Leecia Eve is … Continue reading

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Unintended Corporate (and Tax) Consequences of India’s Repeal of the #TamponTax

In July, 2018, India repealed its 12% goods and services tax (GST) on menstrual hygiene products. (News coverage here and here, e.g.) One (unintended, I suspect) consequence is the likely disadvantaging of domestic Indian manufacturers of these products. When the … Continue reading

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