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Three Day Grace Period to Cancel Home Repair Contracts in Illinois

In this article we will explain the three day right to cancel home repair contracts in Illinois, including how to cancel a home repair contract, what types of repair contracts can be cancelled within three days?, what are the exceptions … Continue reading

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Mississippi Turns to Lottery, Other Tax Changes, in Special Session to Fund Bridge Repair

In a five-day special session that concluded August 29th, Mississippi lawmakers reached an agreement to reduce the state’s $400 million per year infrastructure funding shortfall, a plan that includes several tax changes. As of mid-August, more than 400 locally-owned bridges … Continue reading

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Doctors and hospitals tussle over surgery for less-invasive heart valve repair

When big hospitals and their doctors jostle with competitors in smaller and medium-sized facilities over who gets to perform an important and booming kind of surgery, it’s not a pretty sight — nor might it be obvious with which institutions … Continue reading

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What is a Homeowner’s Insurance “Managed Repair Program”?

If your home was damaged in a storm and your insurance company is seeking to process your claim under its Managed Repair Program, it is important to understand what this means for restoration of your home. While insurance companies make … Continue reading

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Homeowners’ Claims Alleging Construction Defects Resulting In Property Damage Are Subject To The Right To Repair Act’s Prelitigation Procedures Regardless Of How The Claims Are Pleaded.

In McMillin Albany LLC v. Superior Court, (2018) 4 Cal.5th 241,  the California Supreme Court held that homeowners’ (collectively “the Van Tassels”) claims seeking recovery for construction defect damages are subject to the Right to Repair Act (“RRA” or “The … Continue reading

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