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Ninth Circuit Joins Fourth Circuit in Holding That CAFA's Class Action Removal Provisions Do Not Apply to State Parens Patriae Suits

It has certainly taken me long enough to get around to posting about it, but the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion earlier this month that raises an important issue for those of us who defend consumer class actions: what is … Continue reading

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A Texas Oil and Gas Attorney Reviews Oil and Gas Depletion Allowances and the Effect of Obama's Proposed Removal of Percentage Depletion from the US Tax Code

Texas oil and gas attorneys are watching with trepidation as Obama seeks to cripple domestic mineral production with his ill-conceived policies. In our previous post, we discussed the Obama administration's push to eliminate some of the tax subsidies that oil … Continue reading

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Is the Kinder, Gentler Obama Removal Policy Really Kinder, Gentler?

Nathan Pippenger's article in the New Republic would suggest that the "new" Obama policy of prosecutorial discretion in removal cases is just talk, not action. Admittedly, the results are to this point mixed. KJ Read more detail on Recent Immigration … Continue reading

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Removal from public office

Removal from public office Capobianco v Village of Massapequa Park, 278 AD2d 268 Village of Massapequa Park village administrator Meredeth Capobianco sued the Village claiming she had been subjected to a "wrongful discharge" from her position. As it turned out, … Continue reading

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Australia state to propose law requiring face veil removal

[JURIST] The New South Wales (NSW) [official website] government is set to propose legislation next week that will require anyone wearing face coverings, including religious veils, to remove them if requested by police for identification purposes. Refusal could result in … Continue reading

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