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Medical Assistance in Dying Laws and the Therapeutic Relevance of Hope in the Mental Health Context

Thomas Blikshavn, Tonje Lossius Husum, and Morten Magelssen, Four Reasons Why Assisted Dying Should Not Be Offered for Depression,14 J. of Bioeth. Inq. 151-157 (2017). Trudo Lemmens Most jurisdictions that have legalized some form of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAD), the term … Continue reading

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SCOTUS Travel Ban Argument Post-Mortem and the Surprising Relevance of Korematsu

by Michael DorfBoth attorneys in the oral argument in the SCOTUS travel ban case turned in what were overall very good or even excellent performances. The challenge to the Travel Ban involves both statutory and constitutional claims. I'll say a … Continue reading

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UK Regulators Emphasize Continued Relevance of True and Fair Principle under GAAP and IFRS

UK regulators have issued a report emphasizing and reaffirming that the requirement that audited financial statements give a true and fair account of a company's operations remains of fundamental importance under both UK GAAP and IFRS. The Accounting Standards Board … Continue reading

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Coexistence of Service- and Facility-Based Competition: The Relevance of Access Prices for "Make-or-Buy"-Decisions

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol Christian M. Bender (University of Giessen) and Georg Götz (University of Giessen) discuss Coexistence of Service- and Facility-Based Competition: The Relevance of Access Prices for "Make-or-Buy"-Decisions. ABSTRACT: This paper models competition between two firms, which… … Continue reading

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ICTSD Issue Paper: “Intellectual Property and Competition Law: Exploring Some Issues of Relevance

This issue paper addresses the interface between intellectual property law and competition law and policies. Competition laws and Intellectual Property (IP) law differ as IP law provides exclusive control by the holder over intellectual assets, while competition law seeks to … Continue reading

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