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No News is Not Always Good News for Business Relationships

For better or for worse, we are living in a hyper-connected world. Which means that whether we are always reachable, the person on the other end of the email or phone believes us to be. None of us is ever … Continue reading

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New Year’s resolutions for better relationships

From three sources, a potpourri of tips for you and your partner on improving your marriage or relationship. Psychology Today features Jeremy S. Nicholson’s 6 tips, three each for singles and for couples: Resolutions for Singles 1) Be More Social… … Continue reading

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Gold & Smith on Hohfeld & Complex Legal Relationships at the Social Level

Andrew S. Gold (DePaul University College of Law) & Henry E. Smith (Harvard Law School) have posted Scaling Up Legal Relations (The Legacy of Wesley Hohfeld: Edited Major Works, Select Personal Papers, and Original Commentaries (Shyam Balganesh, Ted Sichelman & Henry Smith, eds.) … Continue reading

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More on Insider Trading and Relationships of Trust and Confidence

A commenter on my previous post on the hazards of telling your no-goodnik boyfriend material, non-public information asked whether it made a difference in the analysis if the person with whom you are sharing material, non-public information is a spouse…. … Continue reading

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Dunkin's Expensive Lesson – Franchise Relationships

What is worse: a lack of memory or a lack of morals? The recent appeal by Dunkin' Chief Operating Officer Paul Twohig, caught unaware when a company story went viral, reminds us that even expensive lessons may be quickly forgotten. … Continue reading

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