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Court Rejects Claim That Church Board Improperly Appointed Interim Pastor

In Leggett v. Moore, 2018 IL App (1st) 171101-U (IL App., Aug. 28, 2018), an Illinois appellate court held that the First Amendment does not prevent a court from deciding whether a church has violated it own bylaws when that does … Continue reading

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[Eugene Volokh] Magistrate Rejects Sealing in Discrimination Lawsuit Against Novelist Nicholas Sparks and the School He Founded

A good example of a court properly protecting the public right of access to court records.I've posted a good deal recently about court proceedings in which documents were, in my view, unjustifiably sealed; so I thought I'd pass along a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Second Circuit Rejects FCPA Liability for Foreign Persons

In an August 24, 2018 opinion in United States v. Hoskins (here), the Second Circuit held that a foreign national cannot be held liable under the FCPA, rejecting the U.S. Department of Justice’s accomplice liability theories. In the following guest … Continue reading

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Another (Insurer) Bites The Dust: Virginia District Court Rejects Narrow Reading of Pollution Exclusion

In a victory for policyholders, and an honorable mention for Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a federal judge in Virginia ruled that the dispersal of concrete dust that damaged inventory stored in an aircraft part distributor’s warehouse was a pollutant, as defined by … Continue reading

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Chancery Rejects TRO Request to Enjoin Defamatory Statements

The Delaware Court of Chancery, relying on precedent, rejected a request for a TRO to enjoin future defamatory statements by one business partner against another, primarily because of constitutional principles prohibiting prior restraint of free speech rights protected by the … Continue reading

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