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Federal Court Refuses to Force National Labor Relations Board to Reopen Wrongful Termination Case

When workers are party to a collective bargaining agreement, they typically have rights beyond those generally afforded to employees under the law. When an employer runs afoul of the provisions of such an agreement, there may be consequences, including an … Continue reading

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Alabama Hospital Refuses to Bill Your Health Insurance?

Drake Law Firm has seen a disturbing trend in Alabama over the past 10 years where hospitals refuse to bill health insurance in auto accident cases. The process goes something like this: You are in a car crash and transported … Continue reading

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Support for Trump among Republicans stubbornly refuses to collapse

So why isn’t there more of a line of serious GOP contenders forming up and preparing to remove the problem before it gets to the general election stage next year? A possible explanation (and some tough medicine for the left … Continue reading

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As the U.S. Deals a Blow to the ICC, the ICC Refuses to Recoil

On Friday, March 15, the United States dealt a sharp blow to the International Criminal Court (ICC), declaring that they would prohibit entry of ICC officials to the U.S. that sought to investigate U.S. personnel. Speaking at the State Department, … Continue reading

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Sixth Circuit refuses to vacate award finding subcontracted drivers and temporary employees were "one in the same" under language in a cba

Faced with a need for additional drivers, Economy Linen and Towel Service of Zanesville entered into a service agreement with ProDrivers for that Company to provide certified drivers on a contract basis. The Union representing Economy's drivers (Teamsters Local 637) … Continue reading

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