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Campaign finance reform ruling takes it to the limits (Buckley v. Valeo)

This is the latest in a series of Quimbee.com case brief videos. Have you signed up for your Quimbee membership? The American Bar Association offers three months of Quimbee study aids (a $72 value) for law student members. Ready to go all in? Go Platinum … Continue reading

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Pastor asks Bush to back immigration reform bill (Tucson Citizen)

PHOENIX – President Bush has the opportunity to define his presidency by supporting a bipartisan immigration reform bill, Arizona congressman Ed Pastor said Thursday. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Immigration law

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Testimony: Arkansas Continues to Debate Tax Reform

Today, the Arkansas Tax Reform and Relief Legislative Task Force continued to debate how to implement much-needed tax reform in 2019. The newly released 2019 State Business Tax Climate Index illustrates just how important reform is to Arkansas. Arkansas fell … Continue reading

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Using Blockchain to Improve Regulatory Analysis and Reform

Blockchain technology could be used to change the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) from static documentation of regulations into a dynamic source of reliable information on regulatory impact. With a simple search, anyone could determine how long permit approvals take, … Continue reading

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House Republicans Propose TCJA Tax Reform 2.0 Bills

House Republicans are taking action to make permanent the individual and small business tax cuts enacted under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) by introducing the following three bills to accomplish Republicans’ Tax Reform 2.0 package: H.R. 6760, the Protecting Family … Continue reading

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