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Passenger Ferry Collides with Recreational Boat Near Grand Canary Islands

Last Thursday, a passenger ferry collided with a small recreational boat off the coast of the Grand Canary Islands. The post Passenger Ferry Collides with Recreational Boat Near Grand Canary Islands appeared first on LMAW, PA. Read more detail on … Continue reading

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In Statement, Top Federal Prosecutor in Massachusetts Signals Good News for Recreational Marijuana Industry

Our colleague Joseph A. McNelis III has written an excellent article for the In the Weeds blog about a recent statement from the U.S. Attorney in Massachusetts regarding his office’s enforcement priorities surrounding recreational marijuana.  In his statement, U.S. Attorney … Continue reading

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Appellate Court Affirms FAA Control Over Recreational Drones

On July 6, 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (“D.C. Circuit”) conclusively rejected a comprehensive challenge to the authority of the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) to promulgate regulations governing that subset of unmanned … Continue reading

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Canada’s New Recreational Cannabis Legislation (Bill C-45) Receives Royal Assent

In 2016, Canada’s federal government announced its plan to introduce legislation to legalize recreational marijuana use. On April 13, 2017, Bill C-45 (Cannabis Act), was introduced into the House of Commons and has now been passed by both the House of Commons … Continue reading

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Detailing the growth (and growing pains) of Alaska's recreational marijuana regime in its largest city

This local article, headlined "Anchorage considers increasing marijuana sales tax as consumers clamor for cannabis," provides an effective report on the continued development of the marijuana regime in the biggest city of the only deep-red state that has legalized recreational … Continue reading

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