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Empirical SCOTUS: Even with five decisions yesterday, court still setting records for slow pace

Yesterday marked the 225th day of the 2017 Supreme Court term. The court compensated for a slow term so far with five new decisions. Even with these rulings — Murphy v. NCAA, Dahda v. United States, Byrd v. United States, … Continue reading

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Maryland Court of Appeals Rules Medical Records Were Properly Disclosed to Jury in Car Accident Case

When pursuing a lawsuit for personal injury damages arising out of a Maryland car accident, the plaintiff must prove the amount of loss caused by the defendant’s negligence. The defense can present its own evidence and witnesses to rebut the … Continue reading

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How to access Texas Public Divorce Records

There may be a time when you need to get copies or verification of your divorce records. For example, you may need to show them to an employer or a state organization so that you can give cause for a … Continue reading

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4 Reasons To Keep Time Records No One Discusses

Mention keeping time records to a bankruptcy lawyer and you’re likely met with expressions of utter revulsion. I swear that all too many assert that the major appeal of being a bankruptcy lawyer is precisely that they don’t have to … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court Records and Briefs Database

Faculty and students at Cleveland-Marshall have access to Gale’s U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs database. This database contains briefs and related documents from Supreme Court cases between 1832 and 1978. Previously, many of these briefs were not available through … Continue reading

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