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Are Divorce Records Public Information?

Like birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage certificates, divorce records are typically considered public records in Arizona. The ultimate goal is to ensure a transparent court system that’s open to public scrutiny, though this often results in private, possibly embarrassing … Continue reading

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Medical records related "solely to an employer's hiring practices" are not available to the applicant pursuant to New York's Public Health Law §18 unless necessary to make informed decisions concerning medical treatment

In this Article 78 proceeding the Plaintiff asked Supreme Court to [a] annul the New York-New Jersey Port Authority's [Authority] determination that he was not qualified to serve as a police officer in its public safety department in consideration of … Continue reading

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Access to Corporate Records Amidst Controversy

The rights of shareholders and directors to access corporate books and records is undisputed, but what about the rights of a former Chief Executive Officer, especially when the termination was contentious? US Jurisprudence: In the United States, a recent decision … Continue reading

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Atmospheric River to Pummel California's Sierra With Up to 10 Feet of Snow, Topping February Records | The Weather Channel

Another atmospheric river event is pummeling California with feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, shattering February snow records at some ski resorts while also triggering flooding, rockslides and mudslides in lower elevations. via weather.com Good thing we don't … Continue reading

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How Long Should You Keep Tax Records?

A popular client question has always been, “How long should I keep my tax returns?”  My answer is something many neither expect nor want to hear. Many tax professionals, and even the IRS, suggest discarding tax documents after a certain … Continue reading

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